Simple project application

Simple project application

When you learn the basic fundamentals of the programming language, implement the simple step-by-step project. You can start with a simple program that prints “Hello, World!” Then it evolved from there.

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Python Project for Beginners: Hello World Program
Develop a simple web application using HTML and CSS.

Important: In order for a CSS file to be accessible, the href attribute must contain the correct path to the file. This in turn means that if the CSS file is in a subdirectory, we must include that subdirectory in the file path as shown. You can review this topic in Lesson 1 in the Relative and Absolute URLs section.


So far, the CSS file is still empty, so let’s start writing our first CSS. CSS contains what are known as CSS Rules. Using a CSS rule, we can tell the browser how to treat a specific part of the HTML document.

As an example, we’ll change the background color and text color of the h2 heading within the index.html file. Add the following to a file:

Structure and Style

Let’s remember: HTML expresses the structure of a web page, while CSS defines the overall look of a page. Separating page structure from layout is very important and has many advantages, although it is not mandatory. So we will always keep our HTML and CSS in separate files.

Linking to a CSS file

A CSS file is a plain text file with the extension (.css, and we link to it from within the HTML file.

Create a new file in the Portfolio directory and name it main.css.

Important: In order for a CSS file to be accessible, the attribute must contain the correct path to the file. This in turn means that if the CSS file is in a subdirectory, we must include that subdirectory in the file path as shown. You can review this topic in Lesson 1 in the Relative and Absolute URLs section.


learning and its most important characteristics

Learning concept:

It is a relatively constant change in the behavioral outcome of an organism, i.e., all mental, social, emotional, linguistic, and motor behavioral manifestations resulting from the interaction of the individual with the physical and social environment, which is called experience.
Learning stages:
It occurs in three main stages:
Acquisition stage: the organism represents through it the material it learns, during which the organism represents the new behavior so that it becomes part of its behavioral outcome.
The storage phase, during which information is preserved, occurs as soon as the process of acquisition occurs and the learned material is transferred to memory.
The recovery phase includes the ability of the organism to extract the information stored in it in the form of a response in one way or another.

Learning forms:

Learning forms are:
1: Acquisition of a new behavior, as the learner acquires as a result of experiencing a behavior that was not part of his behavioral outcome, such as learning to walk, write, swim, and different facts.
2: Giving up a behavior: the individual may give up a behavior when this behavior is followed by punishment or undesirable results, such as giving up smoking.
3: Behavior modification by repeating desirable behaviors and reducing unwanted behaviors

Learning characteristics:

Learning has the following characteristics:
1. Learning is an extended process that extends throughout the life of the individual from the beginning of his life and continues until its end.
2. Learning is a continuous process that continues the life of the individual through his interaction with the external environment.
3. Learning is a process that helps the individual increase his adaptation to the environment.


Definition of learning Language learning is defined as: the acquisition of knowledge of things, while it is defined idiomatically as: an activity aimed at acquiring skills and acquiring new knowledge, and the human being is meant in this process, despite the ability of animals to learn, and this educational process is achieved when it is reflected in behavior, values, and ideas, among others. [2] Education is also defined as behavior that results from an individual experience, so that a living organism can change its behaviors and perceptions, which is known as the process of education, and education must appear on behavior and be in a constant degree without being affected by growth or development, and learning is known as It also refers to a change that occurs in or alters the behavior, and this definition focuses on the modification and change in the behavior of the learner. The change is permanent and constant and is not dependent on a circumstance or a period of time. [3] Behavioral scientists have discovered that the behavioral trend is synonymous with learning, and according to this trend, learning is defined as an apparent change in behaviors due to relatively fixed practice. [4]

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Benefits of content marketing

  • The benefits of content marketing and how to use them to improve your online business
    Increase your site traffic:

    Through marketing and creating high-quality and effective content, you can better attract users to your site. The search engine improves your site’s ranking on the search page because it considers your content one of the most important factors in determining where it should be placed. If you want to achieve your marketing goal, you can get high traffic by frequently posting and sharing your content with a wide range of people.

    Useful Links:

    How to improve your site’s ranking on search engine results pages
    How to optimize your keyword strategy for greater activity


    Reach a larger audience:

    Finally, successful content marketing efforts are dedicated to reaching a larger audience. This means strengthening your relationship with your customers. The exclusive news, tips, plans, tutorials, and product reviews you provide can help boost your engaging content.

    Useful Links:

    What is content marketing, and why is it considered one of the most important marketing tools today?
    The main ways you can increase the lifespan of your online content
    Building confidence:

    Developing good content can make your customers feel confident in your products or services. By enhancing your value as a source of information and expertise in your industry, you can provide quality content and effective information, which generates reliability and trust that are automatically reflected in your products and services.

    Useful Links:

    How can content help build trust between you and your customers?
    How to provide lasting value to your customers by providing effective content
    Publish your site’s image and boost your reputation.

    By producing powerful content, your brand’s reach can be expanded without having to pay for TV ads or other ad-based ads. You can improve the natural ranking of your site by using SEO strategies or obtaining strong customer engagement through social media, which will have a positive effect on spreading your company’s image and enhancing your brand’s fame.

    Useful Links:

    The importance of content marketing in spreading and developing the brand image on the Internet
    What is SEO, and how can you increase traffic through it?
    How to market your company’s content by posting it on social media


    Creating and publishing content is the key to successfully developing a brand and attracting visitors. I hope this information is useful in understanding the benefits of content marketing and how to achieve goals through it. Feel free to ask any questions or get more detailed information. Good luck with your website or company’s content marketing!


The idea of structural linking and its importance in improving the appearance of the site

  1. The idea of structural linking and its importance in improving the appearance of the site

    Introduction: Structured Data is an important SEO tool for improving the site’s visibility in search engine results. They provide a unified way to present the content on web pages, which helps search engines better understand the information and display it in ways that are more useful and noticeable to users. In this article, we will learn about its idea and explore its importance in improving website visibility.

    What is structural connectivity? Structural linking is a technology that uses a specific data structure to describe the content on web pages. They are implemented using specific instructions and formats such as Schema.org and JSON-LD. This structured data identifies and categorizes the elements and information on a page in a way that search engines understand.

    The importance of structural linking in improving site visibility One of the most important reasons why structural linking is important is to improve the user experience and site visibility in search engine results. When a search engine uses structured data, it can better understand content and display it in innovative ways. Here are some of the benefits that structural connectivity offers:

    A: Distinctive appearance in search results: Structural linking can allow search engines to display detailed information about a site directly in search results. For example, company information, a product list, and customer ratings can appear next to the website link in the results.

    b) Increased click-through rate (CTR): Thanks to the appearance of prominently structured information, organic linking can increase the click-through rate of a site. When users see additional and useful information in the results, they are more likely to click through to the site.

    Improving user experience: Search engines can display content in innovative ways, such as featured displays and graphics. This helps improve the user experience and provide more useful and detailed information.

    How to implement: It can be implemented using a range of structured schema data formats such as JSON-LD, Microdata, and RDFa. These instructions can be included in the HTML pages of the site and describe the elements in detail according to the Schema Data specification.


    Structural linking is an important tool in SEO strategy and improving the site’s visibility in search engine results. Structured information provides search engines with better data and enhances the user experience. Website owners and online marketers must understand the importance of properly implementing and applying structural linking to get the most out of their efforts in improving SEO and increasing website visibility.

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Web analytics and data tracking

  • Web Analytics and Data Tracking: A Guide to Understanding the Details of Your Visitors

    In the modern internet age, web analytics and data tracking have become important tools for understanding the details of your visitors and improving web performance. If you want to know who visits your site and how they interact with it, here are some basic concepts of web analytics and data tracking:

    Determine the main goals.

    For successful web analysis, you must identify the main objectives of your site. Do you want to increase traffic? Or do you want to increase your conversion rate? Define specific key objectives and set related key performance indicators (KPIs).

    Useful Links:

    How to set key site targets in web analytics
    Choose the right KPIs for your site.
    Use appropriate web analytics tools.

    There are many web analytics tools available that you can use to collect data about your visitors. Tools such as Google Analytics and Pioneer provide detailed reports on traffic, user interaction, and other important information. Select the tool that best fits your site’s needs and start collecting data.

    Useful Links:

    Introduction to Google Analytics: A Beginner’s Guide
    Using alternative web analysis tools to Google Analytics
    Data analysis and reports

    After collecting the data, you should analyze it and generate reports to understand the patterns of your visitors and implement effective analytics. Use the analytics reports in your tools to understand what factors influence traffic and user behavior. Discover your most visited pages, conversion rate, traffic sources, and other valuable information.

    Useful Links:

    How to analyze Google Analytics reports
    Use analytics visualizations to understand your visitors.
    Improve site performance

    With web analytics data, you can improve your site’s performance and achieve the main goals you set. Optimize your most visited pages and increase your conversion rate with analytics insights. Experiment with different design elements, improve the user experience, and improve your marketing strategy to increase traffic and conversion.

    Useful Links:

    Improve website performance using web analytics.
    Apply digital marketing strategies to increase traffic.


    I hope this information is helpful to you in understanding web analytics and data tracking. Feel free to ask any questions or get more detailed information. Good luck analyzing your site’s data and improving its performance!

    naturally! Content marketing is one of the most important strategies that many businesses rely on on the Internet. In this article, I will show you some of the main benefits of content marketing and how it can positively affect your online activity.


Types of electronic stores

Types of electronic stores:

Electronic stores vary according to the services they provide, as well as depending on the volume of trade exchange between the seller and the buyer within the online store. Among the most prominent types of electronic stores are:

B2B (Business to Business): It means electronic commerce operations between a trading company and another company, and mostly this type is useful for selling in the wholesale sector between factories, companies, and wholesalers such as the Chinese AliBaba store, AliBaba.com. To find out more, click here.

B2C (business to customer) refers to an e-commerce process between a business owner (whether a company, shopkeeper, or independent seller) and a regular customer. This type is the most common in the retail sector.

Watch an explanation video.

C2C (Customer to Customer): This type is a buying and selling platform between independent individuals who do not have an activity or a commercial store. For example, if I am an individual and I have a car or any product of my own that I want to sell, I will register in this market and offer my product for sale. One such site is the open market site in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Multi-vendor Marketplace: This type is considered a multi-vendor e-commerce platform because more than one seller can join the platform and sell on it without the need to create a separate online store. It can be a wholesale platform like made-in-china.com, a multi-retail online store like the famous Noon store in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, or Souq.com. Amazon stores in Oman, Kuwait, and Qatar

Online stores on social networks: Most social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, provide users with the ability to display products in an online store available within social networks. This is to take advantage of the marketing activity and the audience on the social networking pages.

Drop shipping is a method that allows people who do not have capital to work on e-commerce platforms. This is done by designing a dropshipping store and selling third-party products without the need for these products to be physically present in their stores. For example, when the seller displays products on Amazon, Alibaba Express, or other online stores, Once the customer requests this product, it is automatically provided by the third party and shipped directly to the customer without the need for it to reach the seller. This type is somewhat similar to the commission-selling system, with the difference that the sale process to the customer is done through your online store.


Benefits of creating a website for your company

Benefits of creating a website for your company

The benefits of creating an introductory website for your company or business are countless, but we will mention the top 5 benefits of creating an introductory website for your company.

1. Credibility and gaining customer confidence, as the site is evidence of professionalism in work:

Having a website introducing your company or an online store for your activity will give you credibility and enable you to gain the trust of the customer because the presence of your website indicates the professionalism of your company and your trade. On a personal level, when I want to make sure of the professionalism of any company or activity, I go to the search engine “Google and search for that company and the services it provides. If it has an introductory website, that gives me confidence in it and the extent of its professionalism, and vice versa.

2: Reaching new markets and a new audience:

If you want to expand, spread, and enlarge the size of your business or company, a descriptive website is the only way to do that, as it is easy to access. All the user needs to access your site is good internet. The descriptive website will help you reach new markets outside the scope of your city, province, and even country. It will help you reach a new audience base that you cannot reach by traditional methods. Therefore, the introductory website for your company is very important if you want to increase profit, expand, and spread.

3: Easy access throughout the day

The Internet and websites do not have opening and closing times. The websites are available for use 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year. The customer does not need to make an effort or waste money until he sees your company or product. All he needs to do is enter your website at any time and Anywhere.

4: Low costs:

The costs of designing and creating an introductory website are very low compared to opening a new branch for your company or shop. For example, you can get a domain with premium hosting for your site, but it costs you more than $20, and you can get it at a lower price at the time of discounts, with regard to programming or design penalties. You can use us—we are a shopping information technology company—to obtain the information you want, and we will answer all your questions with open arms. And do not forget that your introductory website is the interface of your company or activity.

5: Speed of response and response to customers:

The speed of your response and response to customers gives them confidence in you and in the direction of your company or business. The introductory site will help you respond to their demands and questions quickly. Also, through the introductory site, customers will be able to inquire about anything from their home, work, or even the car. The introductory site will provide them with all the data they need about your company.

Perhaps these are the 5 most important benefits of creating an introductory website for your company, but there are other benefits such as increased profit, building an identity for your company and consolidating it in the minds of customers, marketing and spreading, more customers than you expect, and many other benefits that you must experience yourself if you do not have a website. Introduce your company so you can notice the huge difference an introductory website can make.


Steps to prepare your site for search engines

Steps to prepare your site for search engines

In light of the spread of electronic commerce in the current era and its penetration into various aspects of business, The importance of having appeared

It presents the ideas, services, and products of different companies, and since reaching the largest customer base is an inevitable necessity in order to sell the largest amount of products, Website owners had to take care of optimizing their sites for search engines in order to ensure that their products reach everyone. The user may start typing a word in the Google search engine and start searching for it, and here many relevant search results appear to him; he may like one of them and start browsing it, and then one of the site’s products appears to him, and he may be convinced of it and ask to buy it.

How do search engines work?

The main task of search engines is to access or crawl websites, index them, and archive them using their spiders, and this is done according to the following:

• Store and archive pages in private databases.
• The crawler follows every link published on the web and analyzes it to know how to index it and target this crawler: Titles, Meta tags, and subject headings

When you enter the keyword in the search box of the search engine, It is matched with the index of the databases, and then the results appear according to the criteria that were previously determined and according to the percentages of compatibility with the search word.

Of course, every search engine has databases that operate according to terms and policies that differ from one engine to another according to the engine owners’ policies and go through a lot of permanent modifications in order to improve the quality and accuracy of the results.

The importance of creating the site for search engines

1. Reaching the target customer: The target word does not have to be a product; it may be information or an answer to a question. Here, the importance of preparing your site for the search engine emerges. Having your site among the first results of search engines helps you reach the target customer who is interested in your field or products. Therefore, it is very important to develop a plan for targeted customers before starting to configure your site for search engines, and this plan must include the targeted search words and the number of visits.

Low cost: Optimizing your site for search engines is considered a powerful marketing tool with a low cost when compared to the cost of paid ads. Although paid ads are a fast and effective way to get customers and interact with them, their effect ends once they are stopped. Unlike search engine optimization, which may take months to reap its benefits, its effect and impact are constant and endless.
Increased sales: When the customer is convinced of the importance of the service that you provide to him on your site, this means, of course, an increase in the percentage of the site’s sales.
Brand publicity: There is a direct relationship between site optimization for search engines and brand publicity. The more the service provided by your site is useful to people, and the more the user finds as much information as he needs on your site, The more popular your website brand becomes, which means raising the level of trust among your customers and building a strong customer base.
Obtaining higher percentages of visits is one of the fruits of preparing the site for search engines and contributes to raising the site’s popularity and knowledge about it. It is important to create a blog and forum for the site in order to increase the number of visits.
Consolidating the foundations of trust among your customers There is a well-known rule that Google search engines operate on, which is to exclude any content that is not purposeful, unhelpful to the target, or does not satisfy his goals. The appearance of your site in the first search results will give the target confidence in the importance of your site and the benefit it provides.

The most prominent challenges that you may face while configuring the site engines

Backlinks are one of the most well-known terms in the field of search engine optimization, but they are no longer the most efficient way. In the past, it was used in blogs, automatic content sites, and directory sites, but now distinguished content and user interaction on it are the best ways to configure search engines. Like the interaction of users on social networking pages, e-marketing through interaction on social networking sites is an important step in preparing the site for search engines.
Adaptation of your site for smart phones: The compatibility of your site with smart phones and devices is no longer a luxury but rather an imperative. Access to the Internet through smart phones has become much more common than access to it from computers, and among the most important points that must be taken into account in order to prepare the site for smart phones are:
Align content length with smartphones.
Understanding and analyzing the nature of the visitor from the smartphone and creating content for interaction
Traffic is not guaranteed; search engines are constantly changing, as are the algorithms that rank them. If you do not keep up with these changes, you will lose your position among the search engine results, and it is preferable to rely on a company specializing in this field of e-marketing, but if you prefer to do it yourself, it is better to seek the help of the best e-marketing company in Saudi Arabia.

• Addressing problems before they occur: waiting for problems to occur and then addressing them is a serious mistake that should not occur; Knowing the upcoming and expected updates, we should not wait until they happen and then implement them, but rather they must be done, otherwise this will cause a great loss to the site.


خطوات تهيئة موقعك لمحركات البحث

خطوات تهيئة موقعك لمحركات البحث

في ظل انتشار التجارة الإلكترونية في العصر الحالي وتوغلها فى مختلف مناحى الأعمال؛ ظهرت أهمية وجود

يعرض الأفكار والخدمات و منتجات الشركات المختلفة، ولمّا كان الوصول إلى أكبر قاعدة من العملاء ضرورةً حتمية من أجل بيع أكبر كمية من المنتجات؛ كان على أصحاب المواقع الاهتمام بتهيئة مواقعهم لمحركات البحث من أجل ضمان وصول منتجاتهم إلى الجميع؛ فقد يبدأ المستخدم في كتابة كلمة ما في محرك البحث جوجل ويبدأ بالبحث عنها، وهنا تظهر له العديد من نتائج البحث ذات الصلة التي لربما يعجب بأحدها ويبدأ في تصفحها وعندها تظهر له أحد منتجات الموقع وقد يقتنع بها ويطلب شرائها.

كيف تعمل محركات البحث؟

مهمة محركات البحث الأساسية الوصول أو الزحف إلى المواقع وفهرستها وأرشفتها مستخدمةً عناكبها، ويتم ذلك وفق التالي:

  • • تخزين وأرشفة الصفحات في قواعد بيانات خاصة.
  • • يتبع الزاحف كل رابط ينشر على شبكة الويب ويحلله ليعرف كيف يفهرسه ويستهدف هذا الزاحف: العناوين Titles، العلامات الوصفية Meta tags، رؤوس المواضيع Subjects Heads.

فعند إدخال الكلمة المفتاحية في صندوق البحث الخاص بمحرك البحث؛ فإنها تطابق مع فهرس قواعد البيانات ومن ثم تظهر النتائج تبعاً للمعايير التي تم تحديدها بشكلٍ مسبق وتبعاً لنسب التوافق مع الكلمة البحثية.

بالطبع يمتلك كل محرك بحث قواعد بيانات تعمل وفق شروط وسياسات تختلف من محرك إلى أخر وفق سياسات ملاك المحرك، وتمر بالكثير من التعديلات بشكل دائم من أجل تحسين جودة ودقة النتائج.

أهمية تهيئة الموقع لمحركات البحث

1.الوصول إلى العميل المستهدف: ليس بالضرورة أن تكون الكلمة المستهدفة منتجاً فقد تكون معلومة أو إجابة لسؤال ما، وهنا تبرز أهمية تهيئة موقعك لمحرك البحث؛ فوجود موقعك ضمن النتائج الأولى لمحركات البحث يساعدك على الوصول إلى العميل المستهدف الذي يتهم بمجالك أو بمنتجاتك؛ لذا فمن الهام جداً وضع خطة للعملاء المستهدفين قبل البدء بتهيئة موقعك لمحركات البحث وهذه الخطة يجب أن يشتمل على الكلمات البحثية المستهدفة وعدد الزيارات.

  1. انخفاض التكلفةتعتبر تهيئة موقعك محركات البحث مسوقاً قوياً وبتكلفة منخفضة إذا ما قورنت بتكلفة الإعلانات المدفوعة ، وبالرغم من أن الإعلانات المدفوعة تعتبر وسيلة سريعة وفعالة للحصول على عملاء وعلى تفاعلٍ منهم إلا أن تأثيرها ينتهي بمجرد إيقافها؛ بخلاف تهيئة محركات البحث الذي ربما يتطلب شهوراً لجني ثماره إلا أن مفعوله وتأثيره ثابت وغير منتهي.
  2. زيادة المبيعاتحينما يقتنع العميل بأهمية الخدمة التي تقدمها له في موقعك فهذا يعني بالطبع زيادة نسبة مبيعات الموقع.
  3. إشهار العلامة التجاريةهناك علاقة مباشرة بين تهيئة الموقع لمحركات البحث وبين إشهار العلامة التجارية؛ فكلما كانت الخدمة المقدمة من موقعك مفيدة للناس وكلما كان وجد المستخدم ضالته من المعلومات في موقعك؛ كلما أصبحت العلامة التجارية لموقعك أكثر شهرة وهو ما يعني رفع مستوى الثقة بين عملائك وبناء قاعدة قوية بين العملاء.
  4. الحصول على نسب أعلى من الزياراتأحد ثمار تهيئة الموقع لمحركات البحث، ويساهم في رفع نسبة شعبية الموقع والمعرفة به، ومن أهم ما يرفع من نسبة الزيارات لموقعك هو تحديد الكلمات البحثية التي تهم الفئة المستهدفة مع تحديد العدد المتوقع من الزيارات في فترة زمنية معينة، ومن الهام عمل مدونة ومنتدى للموقع من أجل زيادة نسبة الزيارات.
  5. توطيد دعائم الثقة بين عملائكهناك قاعدة معروفة تعمل بها محركات البحث في جوجل وهي استبعاد أي محتوى غير هادف وغير مفيد للمستهدف ولا يرضي أهدافه، وظهور موقعك ضمن نتائج البحث الأولى سيكون بمثابة ثقة للمستهدف على أهمية موقعك والإفادة التي يقدمها.

أبرز التحديات التي قد تواجهك أثناء تهيئة محركات الموقع

  • الروابط الداخلية Backlinks: : من أكثر المصطلحات المعروفة في مجال تهيئة محركات البحث لكنه لم يعد الطريقة الأكفأ الآن؛ ففي الماضي كانت تستخدم في المدونات ومواقع المحتوى التلقائي ومواقع الأدلة أما الآن فأصبح المحتوى المميز وتفاعل المستخدمين عليه هو الطريقة الأمثل لتهيئة محركات البحث؛ مثل تفاعل المستخدمين على صفحات التواصل الاجتماعي لذلك ف التسويق الإلكترونيعبر التفاعل على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي هو خطوة مهمة في طريق تهيئة الموقع لمحركات البحث.
  • تلائم موقعك معالهواتف الذكية: لم تعد ملائمة موقعك مع الهواتف والأجهزة الذكية رفاهيةً بل هي ضرورة حتمية؛ حيث أصبح الدخول إلى شبكة الإنترنت من خلال الهواتف الذكية أكثر بكثير من الدخول عليها من الحواسيب، ومن أهم النقاط التي يجب مراعاتها من أجل تهيئة الموقع للهواتف الذكية هي:
  • – توفيق طول المحتوى مع الهواتف الذكية.
  • – فهم وتحليل طبيعة الزائر من الهاتف الذكي وتهيئة المحتوى للتفاعل.
  • نسبة الزيارات غير مضمونة: محركات البحث تتغير بشكلٍ دائم وكذلك الخوارزميات التي ترتب محركات البحث؛ فإذا لم تكن مواكباً لهذه التغيرات فقدت موقعك بين نتائج محركات البحث، ويفضل الاعتماد في التسويق الإلكتروني على شركة متخصصة في هذا المجال ، أما إذا كنت تفضل فعل ذلك بنفسك فمن الأفضل الاستعانة  ب أفضل شركة تسويق الكترونى فى السعودية

• عالج المشاكل من قبل وقوعها: يعد انتظار المشاكل لتقع ومن ثم معالجتها خطأً فادحاً ينبغي عدم حدوثه؛ كمعرفة التحديثات القادمة والمتوقعة فهنا لا ينبغي الانتظار حتى حدوثها ومن ثم تنفيذها بل يجب عملها وإلا تسبب ذلك بخسارة كبيرة للموقع


فوائد من انشاء موقع تعريفي لشركتك

فوائد من انشاء موقع تعريفي لشركتك

فوائد انشاء موقع تعريفي لشركتك او نشاطك التجاري لا تعد ولا تحصى، لكننا سنذكر أهم 5 فوائد من انشاء موقع تعريفي لشركتك.

1- المصداقية و اكتساب ثقة العميل حيث أن الموقع دليل على الاحترافية في العمل :

وجود موقع تعريفي لشركتك او متجر الكتروني لنشاطك سيعطيك المصداقية و سيمكنك من اكتساب ثقة العميل، لأن وجود موقع الكتروني لديك يدل على احترافية شركتك و تجارتك، فعلى الصعيد الشخصي، عندما أريد التأكد من مدى احترافية أي شركة او نشاط أقوم بالذهاب الى محرك البحث “قوقل” والبحث عن تلك الشركة و الخدمات التي توفرها، اذا كانت تمتلك موقع الكتروني تعريفي فذلك يعطيني الثقه بها و بمدى احترافيتها و العكس صحيح.

2- الوصول الى أسواق جديدة و قاعدة جماهيرية جديدة :

اذا اردت التوسع والانتشار وتكبير حجم تجارتك او شركتك، الموقع التعريفي هو السبيل الوحيد لذلك حيث انه سهل الوصول فقط كل ما يحتاجه المستخدم للوصول الى موقعك هو انترنت جيد، الموقع التعريفي سيساعدك في الوصول الى أسواق جديدة خارج نطاق مدينتك او محافظتك وحتى دولتك، سيساعدك في الوصول الى قاعدة جماهيرية جديدة لا تستطيع الوصول اليها بالطرق التقليدية لذلك فإن الموقع التعريفي لشركتك في غاية الأهمية اذا اردت الزيادة من الربح والتوسع والانتشار.

3- سهولة الوصول على مدار اليوم :

الانترنت ومواقع الانترنت لا يوجد لديها مواعيد افتتاح وغلق، المواقع متاحة للاستخدام 24 ساعة على مدار الأسبوع طوال العام، لا يحتاج العميل الى بذل مجهود او التبذير في الأموال حتى يرى شركتك او منتجك كل مايحتاجه هو أن يقوم بالدخول الى موقعك الالكتروني في أي وقت و من أي مكان.

4- انخفاض التكاليف :

تكاليف تصميم وانشاء موقع تعريفي منخفضة للغاية مقارنة بافتتاح فرع جديد لشركتك او محلك على سبيل المثال، فيمكنك الحصول على دومين مع الحصول على استضافة مميزة لموقعك و لكن يكلفك الأمر اكثر من 20 دولار ويمكنك الحصول عليه بسعر اقل في وقت الخصومات، بالنسبه لعقوبات البرمجة او التصاميم فيمكنك الاستعانة بنا نحن شركة تسوق لتقنية المعلومات في الحصول على المعلومات التي تريدها وسنجيب على كافة اسئلتك بصدر رحب، ولا تنسى أن موقعك التعريفي هو واجهة شركتك او نشاطك.

5- سرعة الاستجابة والرد على العملاء :

سرعة الاستجابة والرد على العملاء يعطيهم ثقة ناحيتك و ناحية شركتك او نشاطك التجاري، الموقع التعريفي سيساعدك في الاستجابه لمطالبهم واسئلتهم و الرد عليهم بسرعة. أيضا من خلال الموقع التعريفي سيتمكن العملاء من الاستفسار عن أي شيء من و هم في المنزل او العمل او حتى السيارة، فالموقع التعريفي سيزودهم بكافة البيانات التي يحتاجونها عن شركتك.

ربما تكون هذه أهم 5 فوائد من انشاء موقع تعريفي لشركتك، لكن هناك فوائد أخرى كزيادة الربح، بناء هوية لشركتك وترسيخها في ذهن العملاء، التسويق والانتشار، زبائن وعملاء أكثر مما تتوقع، والكثير من الفوائد الأخرى التي يجب عليك تجربتها بنفسك اذا كنت لا تمتلك موقع تعريفي لشركتك حتى تلاحظ الفارق الشاسع الذي يسببه وجود موقع تعريفي